Theory Class opens from January until February each year. This class is designed to help the students who take the CM (Certificate of Merit) test. There are classes for CM level 4-6 and 7-Advanced. Unlike other music schools’ theory classes, our classes are lecture-based. It is an 8-week course. Great consideration is taken for the progress of each individual student, so students who need more help will be privately tutored without extra charge. The class covers both the written theory test and ear training as well. We will do past years’ actual tests for the last three weeks. Every class will include homework that students must finish at home before the next class. Though this class is aimed toward students taking the CM test, it is rigorous and comprehensive, and will be beneficial for students not taking the test as well.

Cost: $180 per month, paid monthly

No refund available

Vienna Music Institute/Shop

Address: 600 Roosevelt #200, Irvine CA 92620

Tel: 949-651-8030


School Hours:

Weekdays: 2:30-7:30

Saturday: 10:00-4:00

Sunday: Closed

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