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Special Notice Relate to Convid 19

Dear VMI students and parents,

We will extend the closure of our location until the State of California lifts the stay-at-home order to protect the health and safety of our faculty and students.

As most of our students are continuing lessons via virtual platforms (through Zoom, Facetime, Skype, etc), we will keep providing our services to our students. Additionally, we are offering free weekly masterclasses to boost the motivation of our students, as well to encourage performance practice. If you are interested in this masterclass opportunity, please talk to your teacher about sign-up as spots fill up fast.

We are offering online try-out lessons for new students. If you are interested, please send us an email inquiry and we will arrange a time for you (

Thank you,
Please stay healthy and we hope to see you all soon.


We have been a leading school of the music education in Irvine and Orange County region for the past over a decade. We have produced many top performers in the region winning various competitions and orchestra auditions. We put a great deal on hiring our faculty that our faculty is not only talented musicians but also passionate and caring teachers for their students. 

Vienna Music Institute goes beyond offering private lessons—here your child will become an experienced and well-rounded performer. After all, the ultimate goal of any musical endeavor is performance! At VMI your child will participate in regular Musicality Master Classes where students perform for each other and receive comments from our faculty. In addition, we prepare our students to participate in local competitions, so that your child will compete with the best young musicians in L.A. and Orange County. Ten percent of Irvine School District Honor Orchestra‘s winners are from VMI every year. Also, typically twenty to thirty of our students win SYMF Competition annually. We also feature classes in music theory to prepare our students for Certificate of Merit and other music theory tests, and to help them in their playing. At VMI your child will be offered all the tools he or she needs to thrive in the world of classical music.

We offer private lessons with experienced teacher-performers in: violin, viola, cello, double bass (contra bass), flute, clarinet, and piano.

Our ensembles set us apart from other music schools in Irvine. To deepen and broaden our students’ musical training beyond the private lesson, increase their experience performing at a high level, and give them access to the great inspiration of playing music with others, we offer classes in chamber music(string quartets) and two string chamber orchestras.

Call today to register and join the Vienna Music Institute community!
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64 Students made into major orchestras such as Irvine Honor, All-State, All-Southern and Pacific Youth Symphony Orchestra in 2019

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Weekdays: 2:30-7:30

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Sunday: Closed

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Dear VMI students and parents,

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. I am glad that many of our students are  working hard with their teacher through online lessons. We will be starting free master classes via Zoom starting next Sunday 4/26. It will be held every Sunday at 1pm.
To learn about our Musicality Master Class, please click here. The number of students are limited to 5 for now. It will be on a first come and first serve basis.

Here are things you have to follow.

1. Sign up by sending an email to by Thursday. Include your name, your teacher’s name, and your phone number. Each class will be limited to 5 students. Based on availability we will let you know if you can perform on that week or the following Sunday.

2. You must participate in the class once you sign up. If you don’t join the class to perform without any notification in advance, you will not be able to sign up for future classes.

3. Please be on time to join the meeting. If you are performing you are required stay for the entire duration of the class.
(each class will be around 1 hour).

4. Please click here to learn how to properly set up your Zoom for optimal sound quality. (IMPORTANT)

5. You can play your whole piece, a section of it, or even scale. Everyone who is participating in the meeting will listen to your performance. After each performance, some of the other teachers and I will be giving comments after each performance.

6. You must scan your music in pdf file and send it to us by email so that we can give you better comments.

7. You can sign up for multiple weeks. There is no limit. If there are many students who sign up then we will try our best to give everyone a chance to perform

8. Students who are not performing are welcome to join and listen, as well as parents.  The sign up code will be given when you send us an email. If you are not performing but would like to join , please email us or ask your teacher.

9. If you are not familiar with zoom and do not know how to join a class through it please click this link to learn how to sign up and join a class.