Dear parents,

It is crucial to give students a goal and motivation to improve on their instruments. In doing so, we’ve been sending over 60 students to SYMF competition yearly for the past 14 years. However, because of the CoronaVirus Pandemic, SYMF has decided to postpone their competition to the Fall. Since they have postponed their competition, we’ve decided to encourage our students to participate in the Satori competition. This competition is very similar to SYMF as they offer many categories of various level of students. The performance should be recorded and uploaded to a public platform of your choice (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc). Then, you can add the link of the recording on the registration form. The registration period is between July 12th to July 27th. It is your choice to record with or without piano accompaniment.
The registration is done by each student, not by us or teachers and there are fees to participate.

You can find most of the information on these links:

Category Information



Please consult your teachers about the competition.

Thank you.