Hyun Jeong Laura Lee was born in 1981 in Seoul, South Korea. She started to play the piano at the age of 5, and received education from Young Mok Ju, Dmitry Kosmachev. She tried to develop the ability of stage and participated many competitions, and received award fromJang-Hak competition 2nd prize in Seoul Korea, 2000 and Eumak chunchoo piano competition 3rd prize in Seoul Korea, 2003. The year of 2003, at the Mozarteum Summer music Academy, she has been chosen from pianist Alfons Kontarsky and right after year, she went to Austria, Salzburg. She was admitted to University of Salzburg Mozarteum and under Professor Peter Lang, Gereon Kleiner, and George Kern, received her Bachelor’s, Master, Post graduate degree.  There, She found that performers themselves were allowed to be artists and that they were given a degree of artistic liberty and the freedom to exercise creativity. Her years spent as an undergraduate in Austria were definitely formative; its faculty helped guide her through various obstacles that she faced both as a student and as a performer, and the university’s ideal location allowed her to frequently travel to and perform in various parts of Europe, such as Germany, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, France and Italy. During staying in Europe, she received the opportunity to be an artist in several places. She worked as an artist at the Europa Kulturverein Wien agency and Seoul artists’ agency in Vienna between 2007 and 2011.  Her education and professional training as well as performance repertoire have shaped her into a versatile student of music who is prepared and eager to expand her musical expertise and knowledge. Since 2016 until 2018 she eager to develop her musicality at University of Southern California, Thornton School of Music, persuaded Graduate Certificate degree under Professor Daniel Pollack. 2016 November, she became a winner of Los Angeles International Liszt competition, Concerto competition 2017at USC 2nd price winner, and Alion Batic International music competition Grand Price in Estonia. 2018, May, she graduated with Honor from Thornton School of Music, and this summer, She performed MacDowell Concerto in d minor with Shumen Orchestra in Bulgaria, performed  in Nice, France for “The 100 years of Anniversary for Claude Debussy”. She was invited from the mayor of Ljubljana, Slovenia, and gave a recital with singer this summer.